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Mesour DataGrid - 3.0@beta

DataGrid for PHP >=5.5 with options like to inline edit, export to csv, create sub grids and sub items, sort data using jQuery.ui.nestedSortable and much more.

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  • jQuery 2.0+ Download
  • Twitter bootstrap 3.2+ Download
  • Font Awesome (in default, can change) 4.5+ Download
  • Bootstrap 3 Datepicker (in default, can change) v4 Download
  • jQuery UI (for sorting only) v1.10.3 Download
  • mesour.grid.min.js
  • mesour.grid.min.css
  • None



  • latte/latte - to use column Template or Template SubItem



For PHP 5.5 only

composer create-project mesour/datagrid-sandbox -s beta

For Laravel project

composer create-project mesour/laravel-sandbox -s beta

For Nette project

composer create-project mesour/nette-sandbox -s beta

Example code

Info Here can see Example with DEMO.


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