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Translation keys

TIP If you prefer translations keys, can use this GridTranslator
class GridTranslator implements Mesour\Components\Localization\ITranslator

    private $convertTable = [
        'Export' => 'grid.export.exportButton',
        'Export all' => 'grid.export.all',
        'Selected' => 'grid.selection.dropdownText',
        'Export to CSV' => 'grid.selection.exportToCsv',
        'Nothing to display.' => 'grid.emptyData.nothingToDisplay',
        'Nothing found. Please change the filter criteria.' => 'grid.emptyData.nothingAfterApplyFilter',
        'Go!' => 'grid.pager.go',
        'Inverse selection' => 'grid.selection.inverseSelection',
        'Search...' => 'grid.filter.search.placeholder',
        'Select all' => 'grid.filter.search.all',
        'Select all searched' => 'grid.filter.search.allSearched',
        'Reset filter' => 'grid.filter.reset',
        'Edit filter' => 'grid.filter.edit',
        'Text filters' => 'grid.filter.textFilters',
        'Number filters' => 'grid.filter.numberFilters',
        'Date filters' => 'grid.filter.dateFilters',
        'Equal to' => 'grid.filter.custom.equalTo',
        'Not equal to' => 'grid.filter.custom.notEqualTo',
        'Contains' => 'grid.filter.custom.contains',
        'Not contains' => 'grid.filter.custom.notContains',
        'Starts with' => 'grid.filter.custom.startsWith',
        'Ends with' => 'grid.filter.custom.endsWith',
        'Custom filter' => 'grid.filter.custom.customFilter',
        'Bigger than' => 'grid.filter.custom.biggerThan',
        'Bigger than or equal' => 'grid.filter.custom.biggerThanOrEqual',
        'Smaller than' => 'grid.filter.custom.smallerThan',
        'Smaller than or equal' => 'grid.filter.custom.smallerThanOrEqual',
        'Between' => 'grid.filter.custom.between',
        'Last week' => 'grid.filter.custom.lastWeek',
        'This week' => 'grid.filter.custom.thisWeek',
        'Next week' => 'grid.filter.custom.nextWeek',
        'Last month' => 'grid.filter.custom.lastMonth',
        'This month' => 'grid.filter.custom.thisMonth',
        'Next month' => 'grid.filter.custom.nextMonth',
        'Last quarter' => 'grid.filter.custom.lastQuarter',
        'This quarter' => 'grid.filter.custom.thisQuarter',
        'Next quarter' => 'grid.filter.custom.nextQuarter',
        'Last year' => 'grid.filter.custom.lastYear',
        'This year' => 'grid.filter.custom.thisYear',
        'Next year' => 'grid.filter.custom.nextYear',
        'Time period' => 'grid.filter.custom.timePeriod',
        'Yesterday' => 'grid.filter.custom.yesterday',
        'Today' => 'grid.filter.custom.today',
        'Tomorrow' => 'grid.filter.custom.tomorrow',
        'Beginning of the year' => 'grid.filter.custom.beginningOfYear',
        'Before' => 'grid.filter.custom.before',
        'After' => 'grid.filter.custom.after',

     * @var Mesour\Components\Localization\ITranslator
    private $myTranslator;

    public function __construct(Mesour\Components\Localization\ITranslator $translator)
        $this->myTranslator = $translator;

     * Translates the given string.
     * @param string $message
     * @param int $count
     * @return string
    public function translate($message, $count = null)
        return $this->myTranslator->translate(
            isset($this->convertTable[$message]) ? $this->convertTable[$message] : $message,


Grid texts

Key Description
Export Used as text in main button for export dropdown
Export filtered Used in export dropdown
Export all Used in export dropdown
Selected Used as text in main button for selection dropdown
Export to CSV Used in selection dropdown
Nothing to display. Used if has no data
Nothing found. Please change the filter criteria. Used if has no data after filtering

Selection texts

Key Description
Inverse selection Text in dropdown

Pager texts

Key Description
Go! on AdvancedPager button for switching page by input value

Filter texts

Key Description
Search... Placeholder for JS search
Select all Text after checkbox for select all
Select all searched Text after checkbox for select all searched (visible if is something searched by JS search)
Reset filter Text in reset button
Edit filter Title attribute on edit custom filter button
Text filters Text for dropdown with custom filter predefined values
Number filters Same for number filters
Date filters Same for date filters
Equal to Texts for predefined values (all next without description)
Not equal to
Not contains
Starts with
Ends with
Custom filter
Bigger than
Bigger than or equal
Smaller than
Smaller than or equal
Last week
This week
Next week
Last month
This month
Next month
Last quarter
This quarter
Next quarter
Last year
This year
Next year
Time period
Beginning of the year